Encryptik is a native salesforce encryption application that is specifically built for salesforce that handles the CRM component and any custom applications that is built in force.com platform.With Encryptik, your critical data is kept in cipher format within the salesforce database using the best AES 256 encryption available in the market.

Enterprise grade security

Encryptik supports AES 256 encryption protocol that ensures that your salesforce data at rest is kept encrypted using the best industry standard encryption

Eliminate data privacy and security risks

Encryptik gives complete peace of mind by keeping data at rest encrypted and thereby completely eliminating data and security risks

Automated data synchronization

Customers can modify and update encryption configuration without any need for data migration and synchronization

Our Features

No External Gateway Required

Encryptik is a native encryption solution with no infrastructure required to setup encryption. Install the application from the AppExchange and you have a powerful encryption tool available that can encrypt all of the salesforce data at rest.


Encryptik provides a custom search that provides a holistic search as the salesforce search in addition to capabilities of searching through the encrypted data.

Faster implementation

Since its a native solution, no additional cost is added towards creating and maintaining any gateway servers. Minimal setup and implementation time. Fast implementation and turnaround time for implementation.

No Data migration

Encryptik provides with necessary tools to ensure that your existing un-encrypted data are taken care. No matter what volume of data you have in salesforce, Encryptik ensures a smooth data conversion and readiness within no time.

Control visibility of decrypted data

Encryptik provides options to control the visibility of data till user level. Application can be configured separately for different profiles, users and roles.

Supports entire salesforce platform

Encryptik supports not only the CRM and other Sales and Service apps provided by salesforce, it also supports custom applications built in force.com platform.

All salesforce data types supported

Encryptik supports all of salesforce data types including Currency, Date, Date/Time, Email, Geolocation, Number, Percent, Phone, Picklist, Text, TextArea and Url

Custom Query and reports

Encryptik supports custom queries on the encrypted data that can be scheduled to get custom reports. In addition to custom reports, it also supports standard reports.

Easy Deployment and data backup

Encryptik provides utilities that enables customers to easily deployment configuration from one organization to another. With one click data backup option, your data are never lost and can be backed up anytime to ensure business continuity and also safety from data loss.

Our Clients

Our Pricing


Professional $ 30
per u/m

Free trial
  • No External Gateway Required
  • Easy Setup and Faster implementation
  • Complete encryption of salesforce data at rest
  • AES 256 encryption protocol supported
  • Easy deployment and support to search and reports
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